Freshmen and Sophomores

Our consultations with freshmen and sophomores focus on helping students plan their high school course selections and extracurricular activities. Academic advising ensures that students select the right courses, so that they have a strong academic transcript. Extra curricular advising focuses on helping students select interesting and broadening programs to enrich their personal development. We explain the various steps involved in the college admissions process and timeline, so that students and parents have an understanding of what to expect. Several meetings as a freshman and sophomore can ensure that students take advantage of opportunities that will best position them as a strong candidate in the college admissions process later in high school.

Juniors and Seniors

We provide individualized support that includes:

Expert guidance in choosing the right colleges for you
Assistance writing unique and powerful college essays
Advice in selecting individual attributes to highlight in the admissions process
Interview practice and techniques to improve your interpersonal skills

Academic Assessment:

The student’s academic transcript, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities and future goals are discussed. An in-depth conversation with the student then takes place regarding past, present and future academic and extracurricular interests. Suggestions are made on how the student can maximize their high school experience both academically and personally. Holland career testing can be administered for students who wish to explore potential college majors and career options that may suit their personality.

College Search:

Specific selection criteria that the student is looking for in a college (size, location, majors, campus characteristics, cost, student body culture, extracurricular activities, etc.) are examined and an initial college list is formulated. The student is then guided through a systematic process and series of meetings to narrow the list to its final form by the Fall of Senior year. Advice is provided to determine if Early Decision/Early Action programs are the right choice for the student. A specific timeline and plan are provided to ensure that all applications and supporting materials are completed before deadlines.

College Visits:

We help students and parents plan college visits, and we supply evaluation tools so that you can track and compare schools over the course of your visits. We provide you with a list of questions to ask, and places on campus to visit so that you can get unbiased information outside of the college tour. We can also help you contact department heads or extracurricular organizations, so that you can learn more about that area of the college during your visit.

Financial Aid:

The different sources and types of aid are reviewed (loans, grants, scholarships). Deadlines, necessary documentation and special circumstances and reviewed. If packages differ substantially at the time of acceptance, we will advise you on how to appeal for additional funds if needed.

Brag Sheet:

Students with special talents: musicians, athletes, dancers, actors, mathematicians, scientists, writers, artists, etc., often require additional materials be sent to prospective colleges. Individual requirements and timelines for auditions and/or additional application materials are reviewed with students.


Together with your counselor, you will brainstorm essay topics and formulate ideas that will help convey who you are to the admissions committee. We will assist you with ongoing revisions, and we will give you detailed suggestions for editing content, grammar and vocabulary. We will help you highlight your unique attributes, character and interests with a strong essay.


We provide only comprehensive college advising, not hourly or for certain pieces of admissions. After 17 years in business, we firmly believe that overseeing the entire process best serves our families and produces the most favorable results. Our fee is $7500 and typically broken into 3 payments of $2500 over the course of your time with us. Unlike many counseling firms, we do not limit the number of hours or applications a student can complete for this price. On average, we spend 40-50 hours on each student, from enrollment in our program to choosing a college. 

A small number of Senior Crunch Packages may be offered (beginning after June 1 of junior year), priced at $3,750 for 15 hours, $2750 for 10 hours, or $1500 for 5 hours. These packages can focus on any of the following: assessing the student's profile and rounding out their college list, providing an Early Decision/Action and major strategy, completing the Common App or developing the Personal Statement. We also provide interview prep and assistance with supplemental essays as time allows within the parameters of each package. If you need to do all (or most) of the above, we strongly suggest the 15-hour package.