Students with Learning Differences and ADD/ADHD have unique needs for high school and college. At College Admission Advisors, approximately 30% of our students face some kind of learning obstacle, from Executive Function Disorder to Dyslexia and even Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism. We understand that these students require special understanding in the admissions process and in finding a college that will be the right fit, academically and socially. There are special accommodations that need to be made for SAT and ACT testing, and resources that need to be secured once a student matriculates at college. Disclosing learning differences can also be an asset or a detriment in the admissions process, based on the individual circumstances surrounding each child. We work closely with students, colleges, and outside experts in the neuro-psychology field to assess each child’s situation and make the right decisions. Our goal is for every applicant to find a school or college where they can be challenged, supported and embraced.
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